Christmas Crusade

It seems that the war on Christmas has elicited a zealous backlash of Crusading proportions. In New Zealand, 40 drunken Santas erupted into a frenzy of Santarchy. Only the latest manifestation of this movement, the drunkards warned that they're looting wouldn't stop until someone was arrested. The police, however, had trouble discerning who had done what.

Meanwhile, British police are searching for a Father Christmas that has been exposing himself to women in a town on the south coast of England. As elusive as his mythological muse, however, authorities have appealled to the public for information.

Only in the Christian tradition can a mythological figure that brings gifts and happiness to children incite people to steal and behave perversely. Sounds much like the misguided ways of the Priesthood with their altar boys. Funny how you never hear about Rabbi rapists or Hanukah arsons.


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