Fear, Loathing, & Sex in the City

First the self-indulgent Metrosexual trend came along and swept away all the appeal of sensitive, well-read, cosmopolitan men. Now, Holywood has taken a shot at the construction of masculinity with Brokeback Mountain. Set throughout the vistas of Wyoming and Texas, it revolves around two cowboys who fall in love with one another. This just might be the final straw for the rugged gentile appeal.

Of course it's good to send a message of how love knows no boundaries, but to borrow from Willie Nelson, my heart throbs have always been cowboys. Now, no matter what my propsect are in any given room, I'll worry that the metros aren't man enough for me, and the alphas not really interested.


Blogger TM (Jewlicious) said...

Yup, as Maureen Dowd pointed out a couple of days ago, it'll be impossible to look at a man wearing western or cowboy garb in the same way again. From now on the presumption will be that they've had wild homosexual sex on the trail.

Then again, Blazing Saddles didn't ruin cowboys so maybe this film won't either.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah well, leather chaps have already been ruined as macho-garb.


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