Goy Boys

So our men are supposedly more sensitive, more liberal, and, well, more well hung than your average gentile. But for a young and liberated woman not looking to settle down and get serious any time soon, a goy boy has its charms.

Any girl that's ever dreamed of being literally swept off her feet, Scarlett O’Hara style, can appreciate that spontaneous & irrational side of the All American, cowboy, WASP male psyche. They can be just the thing when you need a little bit of noncommittal drama in your life.

A number of typecaste, cameos come to mind. For one, Brad Pitt: as desirable as his lovely Angelina. Woody Harrelson has that rugged, Malboro Man type appeal, and if you prefer a Latin Mariachi, there’s Antonio Banderes. If an older daddy is what you’re in the mood for, in a strange and kinki way, Bruce Willis will do, and even Angelina saw something in Billy Bob Thorton.

Guilty pleasures? Admittedly so, but when you’re in the business of feeling guilt, why not find a way to enjoy it?


Blogger Neil said...

These goy boys played more sports in high school and are stronger, so they are usually better able to carry you in their arms like in the movies. I once tried that with a woman, and my back went out for a week.

Blogger TM (Jewlicious) said...

Nah, many of us played lots of sports in high school.

Carrying women, however, is for cavemen.


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