He Ain't Heavy, & He Ain't My Brother Either

This holiday hype has me steaming hot and bothered. While the western world celebrates the birth of the Messiah, I wonder just what's been saved.

The schmuck has been passing himself off as my kin folk for 2000 years now, and no one has noticed that the world is in an even more miserable state than before he came around--not to say that he bears sole responsibility for the declining state of affairs.

His version of salvation works something like "Trust me, when it's all over, you'll see that everything works out just fine." Well, that might be good enough for more gullible folk, but I think I'll wait to see some credentials before signing on.

Savior! I mean, Oy, imagine where Israel would be if we were counting on him for saving! Turn the other cheek! We'd not only have to tear down the road blocks, but cover the cost of bringing in the bombers and the dynamite that they strap to their chest.

Maybe if these gullible goys would try on a Festival of Lights of their own, they'd finally be able to read the writing on the wall, and the lies in between the lines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What he saved was my soul, which is worth a lot more than that dustbin you call a holy land. Maybe if you opened your eyes to the word of his teaching, you too would see the light, the way of your errors, and the path to salvation.

God Bless

Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. This is a terribly perverse site you have. The teachings of Christ just might be what you need.


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