Jihad Eye Candy

The daughter of Osama bin Laden's half brother is slated for an interview and photo spread in GQ magazine. The Californian born New Yorker, Wafah Dufour, who switched over to her mother's maden name after 9/11, is looking for acceptance from American society and to promote her music.

Indeed, even her father, Yeslam Binladen, changed the spelling of his name in an effort to condemn the legacy of his estranged bros. Dufour's mother, moreover, also fears that if her daughter performs in the Middle-East, she might become the target of assasins.

Then again, the 'Americanized-bitch-pig' might just be looking for an easy way to launch her rock stardom. Or maybe I'm just jealous of those legs-up-to-her-neck.


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