Money, That's What They Want

According to an articles in Rolling Stone, the Beatles are suing EMI for millions. Although their estates are still party to the lawsuit, they are survived only by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and from the point of view of talent and creative genius, that's only half of the Beatles. Without Lennon, there is nothing Fab about the Four, and Lennon and McCartney's disagreement over artistic integrity and property is legendary. Maybe the editor should have exercised a bit more discretion in penning the headline.


Blogger Neil said...

Hey, I actually always liked Paul McCartney -- except for the fact that he still has his Beatles hair late into middle age.

Blogger Ms Iah said...

Sometimes I think that the only ounce of Beatle integrity left in him is the hair. Not to say that he hasn't produced some great tunes on his own, just that they don't seem to have the same artisitic merit that they could have had they been composed in collusion with Lennon. But I guess everyone knows that it was their dynamic duo that made the Four so Fab.


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