Terminator Comes Back

It'll be interesting to see whether third time's a charm for the Cali Governor who needs no introduction. Schwarzenegger has officially declined to grant clemency the infamous Stanley Tookie Williams. As the New York Times reports:
Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican who has recently been criticized by members of his party as being too accommodating to liberals, was not swayed by the arguments on Mr. Williams's behalf.

Mr. Williams has always maintained his innocence of the four murders, and the governor said in a statement this afternoon that "without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption."
With this third and most recent display of cruelty, perhaps the Governator will finally regain enough of a republican backing to bully seasonal wildfires into submission, discipline the poor & lazy, and seek out and deport all those pesky Mexicans taking up those high paid farm and sweatshop jobs that good, god-fearing, tax-paying Americans are rightfully entitled to.


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