Yuletide Media Conspiracy

So, if there’s so much of a Jewish media conspiracy, then how come it is, that at this time of year, there’s so much gentile holiday propaganda? Hanukah might not be a high holiday, but if the Jewish media conspiracy is so busy straddling the gentile races with guilt, shame, & insecurity, how come anywhere you turn the dial this time of year, you’re bombarded with Christmas carols and TV Special?

Have you ever heard of a The Muppet’s Hanukah Special, or Garfield’s Festival of Lights?

Granted, our favorite WB writer, Josh Schwartz, brought Christmaska from the Cohen house and into our own, and the famous funnyman and his sidekick inaugurated Festivas. But those just cheap adaptations ‘inspired on by a true story. Even the plot of the Hebrew Hammer revolves around a character from gentile folklore.

THEIR Messiah might have been born this time of year, but OUR people solved the energy crisis for eight days. Hint: stop using trees for décor. Given today’s ecological climate, that should at least merit an annual primetime spot with Ed Bradley.


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