I-ran in the Arms Race

The Grizzly Contenders

Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be whiped off of the map, has renently gained a front-runner standing in the latest laps of the Arms Race time trials. Although the US and its European allies are discussing at what point the issue should be taken up with the UN Security Council, not everyone shares their concerns, Reuters reports:
Tehran insists it only aims to produce civilian nuclear energy. Allies say the program is to produce weapons.

Russia, which is building Iran's nuclear power plant at Bushehr in southern Iran, remains a serious impediment. The United States fears that weapons grade plutonium could be extracted from the Bushehr reactor once it goes on line.
To complicate matters, it seems there is little faith in the Security Council's ability to effect a diplomatic solution:
The Bush administration is under growing pressure from Congress and pro-Israel groups to soften its stance toward Tehran. They want the nuclear issue referred to the U.N. Security Council, where sanctions could be imposed.
On the other hand, pro-Israeli power brokers are bitterly aware of the real-life stakes:

A pro-Israel advocate said administration officials "are considering harder approaches. Things are moving on a faster track."

Essentially, Iranian hostitlity toward Israel is characteristic of the country's lack of diplomatic prudence and patience:
Efforts to halt Iran's nuclear program would suffer if the issue was moved to the Security Council and the council was too divided to take action, some analysts said.
Once again, the all too familiar cliche that whether the ends justify the means can only be answered with time, and when it might be too late, is looming large over Israel.

Bust from the Past

So back in 2001, a Hooters employee filed a lawsuit against the parent company. During a beer selling contest, thinking that she'd win a Toyota if she sold the most beer, the bossom-endowed server was dismayed to receive a toy Yoda upon winning.
Although the manager who conceived of the idea likely deserves a Nobel Prize in marketing, said server won the lawsuit less than a year later, and was awarded the luxury to choose any Toyota off of the lot.

Post Script: Brokeback Mountain

The male gentile male identity may be redeemable after all. At a second glance, the protagonists of Brokeback Mountain aren't really cowboys. In actuality, they're shepherds, and given the enormous repetoire of jokes involving Greeks or Scots and sheep that are available, they may be something to that. Maybe this isn't so much a film about the gender boundaries of love, but of the specious ones.


Fear, Loathing, & Sex in the City

First the self-indulgent Metrosexual trend came along and swept away all the appeal of sensitive, well-read, cosmopolitan men. Now, Holywood has taken a shot at the construction of masculinity with Brokeback Mountain. Set throughout the vistas of Wyoming and Texas, it revolves around two cowboys who fall in love with one another. This just might be the final straw for the rugged gentile appeal.

Of course it's good to send a message of how love knows no boundaries, but to borrow from Willie Nelson, my heart throbs have always been cowboys. Now, no matter what my propsect are in any given room, I'll worry that the metros aren't man enough for me, and the alphas not really interested.


Turning The Other Cheek

So, Feministing noted how the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is encouraging the State's Catholic hospitals to undermine a new state law that would require them to offer the morning-after to all rape victims.

Well, it's no wonder. Turning the other cheek always means looking the other way.

And they wonder why our hospitals are always better...


Blame Canada

The US ambassador to Canada is shaking his shamer at the country's political parties for their less than flattering stance on different US policies. Currently in the grips of a federal election campaign, the beady-eyed buggers are jibba-jabbering about things that matter to them, and Ambassador David Wilkins doesn't like the pitch of their tones.
"It may be smart election politics to thump your chest and constantly criticize your friend and your No. 1 trading partner. But it's a slippery slope and all of us should hope it doesn't have a long-term impact on our relationship."
A the top of the lists of has been the US stance on Kyoto and climate, and even more impudently, Canada's insistence of its sovereignty.
"That our friends do not like what we say -- well, c'est la vie. I'm going to defend Canada and I'm right on softwood lumber and I'm right on climate change and I won't let anybody tell me that I should not defend my country," [Prime Minister Martin] said


Terminator Comes Back

It'll be interesting to see whether third time's a charm for the Cali Governor who needs no introduction. Schwarzenegger has officially declined to grant clemency the infamous Stanley Tookie Williams. As the New York Times reports:
Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican who has recently been criticized by members of his party as being too accommodating to liberals, was not swayed by the arguments on Mr. Williams's behalf.

Mr. Williams has always maintained his innocence of the four murders, and the governor said in a statement this afternoon that "without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption."
With this third and most recent display of cruelty, perhaps the Governator will finally regain enough of a republican backing to bully seasonal wildfires into submission, discipline the poor & lazy, and seek out and deport all those pesky Mexicans taking up those high paid farm and sweatshop jobs that good, god-fearing, tax-paying Americans are rightfully entitled to.

Goy Boys

So our men are supposedly more sensitive, more liberal, and, well, more well hung than your average gentile. But for a young and liberated woman not looking to settle down and get serious any time soon, a goy boy has its charms.

Any girl that's ever dreamed of being literally swept off her feet, Scarlett O’Hara style, can appreciate that spontaneous & irrational side of the All American, cowboy, WASP male psyche. They can be just the thing when you need a little bit of noncommittal drama in your life.

A number of typecaste, cameos come to mind. For one, Brad Pitt: as desirable as his lovely Angelina. Woody Harrelson has that rugged, Malboro Man type appeal, and if you prefer a Latin Mariachi, there’s Antonio Banderes. If an older daddy is what you’re in the mood for, in a strange and kinki way, Bruce Willis will do, and even Angelina saw something in Billy Bob Thorton.

Guilty pleasures? Admittedly so, but when you’re in the business of feeling guilt, why not find a way to enjoy it?